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Who’s making the MAKERbuino?

Well, technically you are . . . but in case you ever wondered who developed and produced your MAKERbuino kit, here’s the story:

Every MAKERbuino kit is packed by hand in Croatia – a tiny country located in Central and Southeast Europe. Croatia is popular for its seaside and Game of Thrones being filmed in it (google it), but it also has some pretty smart entrepreneurs living in it (and they help us make MAKERbuino happen).

MAKERbuino kits were designed by me, Albert Gajsak, nice to meet you.

I’m an 18 year-old student from Croatia and I really like electronics and programming.

I’ve started developing the MAKERbuino 3 years ago.
It all started as a weekend project and recently turned into something more.

All of this is possible thanks to supporters like you. (thanks again)

I would also like to hear your opinion about the kit. Tell me what you think and/or if you have some suggestions. Feel free to contact me: contact@

I’m a pretty busy guy. I pack and send the kits myself, develop MAKERbuino’s software and hardware, write tutorials and documentation, maintain and design the webpage and the web-shop, post funny pictures on project’s social media, source parts from China, negotiate with peculiar Chinese people etc . . . (I also wrote this text you’re reading LOL)

But, I also have an army of helpers that help me make my project happen. Most of the help I get comes from my little brother (he’s really smart) and my Dad (he’s a mechanical engineer and a high-school professor). Mom also helps, and there’s a bunch of other donators and talented people that help me with useful advice from time to time.

My Dad - Zoran Gajšak.... he's a mechanical engineer and a high schools teacher

My little bro - Emil Gajšak - he's 14 and a primary school student (but he's very clever, though)

Albert Gajšak - hey that's me in the picture. I really like posing, that's why I have a GIF