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Fresh news everybody!

MAKERbuino’s post-Kickstarter journey

Howdy fellow MAKERbuino supporters! Such an amazing action-packed year is behind us here at the MAKERbuino HQ and lots of interesting things have happened since our last Kickstarter update. Therefore, I’ll give you a quick overview of how and what we’ve been doing. 1)...

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Brand new shiny MAKERbuino community forum

Hey folks, just a quick update. We’re working hard on controlling and organizing the manufacturing process to manufacture all of your Kickstarter rewards. Also, we’ve recently launched the new MAKERbuino community forum – a place dedicated for...

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The BIG update

Dear Kickstarter backers, in case you wondered, we are not dead (and I haven’t taken all the Kickstarter money, fled to Mexico and renamed myself in Juan Gajšak yet), we are just very very busy and very bad in updating the community as often as we should...

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Arduino day 2017

Dear fellow makers, hackers, technology lovers of all sorts, we’re over 250% funded and only 7 days have passed since the start of the campaign! This wouldn’t be possible without your awesome support! Therefore, we’re all sending you a big THANK YOU...

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We’re funded!

WOW, we’ve reached our $10k funding goal in just three days! Here at MAKERbuino HQ we’re all super excited because of the success of this campaign!!! Thank you all for you support, these past 3 days were amazing! It seems we’ll have to come up with...

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Crowdfunding campaign preparations

Well, I should definitely start refreshing the blog page more often and I will try to do so in the future. Just a quick update on how we’re doing: -MAKERbuino preorders are closed because of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. For all of you who wanted to...

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The blog is online!

Hi there MAKERbuino fans and followers. The blog module is now implemented in the page and working properly. Besides our social media channels, I’ll also post lots of updates here so check it out from time to...

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