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MAKERbuino standard assembled PREORDER


Building a MAKERbuino is a fun and useful experience and we highly recommend it. Despite that, we understand that not everybody loves soldering and would like a MAKERbuino just to program games for it…. we respect that. That’s why we’ll send you a fully assembled MAKERbuino unit ready for you to play games and program it.

Included in the package:

  • fully assembled MAKERbuino unit
  • 128MB SD card loaded with games
  • USB-TTL programmer board (for connecting your MAKERbuino to a computer and programming it)

The design is fully open source, programmable in Arduino and compatible with various Arduino modules.
MAKERbuino is also compatible with Gamebuino and it’s vast game library.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email (contact@makerbuino.com), Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Google+ or just ask the community at the community forum.

Additional information

Weight 240 g

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