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An Educational DIY Game Console

Ages 11+

$ 58.8

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Useful addons for powering up your MAKERbuino

Get your MAKERbuino prebuilt and ready to play!

We’ll send you a fully assembled MAKERbuino unit ready for you to play games and program it.

Included in the package:

  • fully assembled MAKERbuino unit
  • 128MB SD card loaded with games
  • USB-TTL programmer board (for connecting your MAKERbuino to a computer and programming it)

Assembled power-up

$ 11.988

Get a tool pack to help you build your MAKERbuino!

If you’re a maker-to-be and still don’t have these tools, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Included in the package:

  • 128MB SD card loaded with games
  • USB-TTL programmer board (for connecting your MAKERbuino to a computer and programming it)
  • diagonal cutter pliers
  • screwdriver
  • some solder
  • needle nose pliers
  • snazzy USB soldering iron
  • USB cable for the soldering iron
  • metallic soldering iron holder
  • small sponge (for cleaning the soldering iron)

Tools power-up

$ 11.988

Get a pack with a set of hardware goodies for you to play with!

This kit is for more advanced users. It comes with a set of MAKERbuino-compatible hardware components, some wires, and a breadboard.
You’ll get an i2c GPIO expander module so that you can expand MAKERbuino’s hardware capabilities.

Included in the set of inventor’s components:

  • 400p breadboard
  • PCF8574 remote I/O expander board
  • 6x6x6 pushbutton x9
  • 10cm dupont jumper wire M-M x40
  • 10cm dupont jumper wire F-F x40
  • 5mm RGB LED, common anode, diffused x2
  • 100 ohm resistor, 0.25W x22
  • 10k ohm resistor, 0.25W x4
  • LED 5mm, red x4
  • LED 5mm, green x4
  • LED 5mm, blue x4
  • LED 5mm, yellow x4
  • LED 5mm, white x4
  • LED RGB fast flash (with integrated controller) x2
  • 10k potentiometer x3
  • IRF540N MOSFET x2
  • LDR (photoresistor) x2

Inventors power-up

$ 11.988

MAKERbuino super-duper link cable for playing with friends!

Playing games on a game console you’ve made is fun. But you know what’s even more fun: having a multiplayer gaming party on retro DIY game consoles.
You heard it, MAKERbuino game consoles can connect with link cables, exchange data, and play multiplayer games.


  • MAKERbuino super-duper link cable

Multiplayer power-up

$ 7.188

Get your MAKERbuino ASAP!

Get your MAKERbuino in a mater of days by this power-up that speeds up the delivery process.

The power of speed

$ 11.988




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Make your own game console

Learn STEM while programming

Hack it!

Join a vast maker community

This neat little device is an open source handheld game device that you can build yourself.

Besides that, MAKERbuino is also an educational device shaped like a game console.
Its purpose: to motivate people to explore, learn and create something new in a fun and interesting way.

Who is this kit for?

Based on our experience, an 11-year-old kid should be able to assemble a MAKERbuino kit with a tiny bit of help from an adult.

Estimated build time: 5 hours.

Building the MAKERbuino kit is just the beginning.
After that, you’ll spend numerous hours creating your own games and experimenting with hardware.

What you’ll learn with MAKERbuino

  • how to solder properly
  • what are the basic electronic components and what are their functions
  • what are microcontrollers and some basics of digital electronics
  • how to program a microcontroller in C/C++
  • how a basic game console works and what are the basics of game development
  • how to extend beyond MAKERbuino’s capabilities by adding various expansion modules

MAKERbuino has a build guide

We’ve designed the build guide with the purpose of teaching you something new, not only showing you how to assemble things.

We’ve collected as much feedback as possible from over 1500 users and completely redesigned the build guide which we’ve now split into 6 chapters with more than 120 high-quality photos.

MAKERbuino needs tools

You’ll need some basic tools and equipment for assembling your MAKERbuino:

  • regular soldering iron (nothing super expensive is required) and some solder
  • diagonal cutter pliers
  • regular screwdriver
  • some solder
  • a piece of insulating tape or some super-glue

Or you can buy a kit with a tool pack already included.

MAKERbuino plays games!

MAKERbuino comes with an SD card that is preloaded with numerous fun retro games.

More games can be downloaded from an online
MAKERbuino games gallery.
All games are open-source and available with a downloadable Arduino source code along with a compiled .HEX file.

You can make your own games using our Arduino library

  • develop in-game menus and other GUI-related content
  • play and develop sound FX and background music
  • draw, display, and animate bitmaps
  • emulate MAKERbuino games on your PC

MAKERbuino does multiplayer

You heard it, MAKERbuino game consoles can connect with link cables, exchange data, and play multiplayer games.

Check out the Specs


ATmega328 @ 16MHz (same MCU used in Arduino UNO)


Nokia 5110 84×48 monochrome graphic LCD /w white backlight (adjustable with a built in potentiometer)


0.5W speaker with 4-channel audio generation, 3.5mm headphone connector, hardware volume control


7 super-clicky pushbuttons with replaceable button caps (D-pad + ABC buttons)


32kB of FLASH program memory, 2kB of RAM, up to 2GB SD card for loading and saving programs (HEX files) and data (128MB card included)


serial UART port, i2c, SPI


single cell LiPo, 3.7V, 600mAh, charged with your regular micro USB smartphone charger


approx. 13cm x 6cm x 2.5cm (depending on the casing, hacks, mods, expansions…)

MAKERbuino is hackable

MAKERbuino is based on Arduino UNO. Therefore, it’s compatible with lots of hardware expansion modules.

MAKERbuino was meant to be hacked. 

MAKERbuino is fully customizable.

Make your game console unique.
Change the button caps, craft or 3D print a custom casing, add new modules etc.

MAKERbuino  ♥  Arduino

YES, we love Arduino.

MAKERbuino is based on ATmgea328p-pu – the same chip used on Arduino UNO board.

Therefore, it’s programmed in Arduino IDE (based on C/C++) – the most popular programming environment for makers.

MAKERbuino  ♥  Gamebuino

Gamebuino is a device similar to MAKERbuino, only a bit smaller.
The biggest difference: it comes already assembled and is made out of tiny components that were pre-soldered by robots.

MAKERbuino is 100% compatible with Gamebuino’s vast collection of open-source games and its programming library.

MAKERbuino  ♥  Open-source

MAKERbuino’s software is fully open-source and available for you to download.

MAKERbuino’s hardware’s schematics along with the bill of materials are also open-source and available online.


An Educational DIY Game Console

Ages 11+

$ 58.8

BUY NOW   Shipping Immediately