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Code library reference

Here you can find a list of explained Gamebuino/MAKERbuino-specific functions, part of the Gamebuino Library

See Arduino Reference for general purpose/basic functions and data types.

Note: Arguments in italic are optional. Articles with [WIP] tag are still work-in-progress.



  • gb.sound.playPattern(sound, channel) [WIP]
  • gb.sound.stopPattern(channel) [WIP]
  • gb.sound.setPatternLooping(boolean, channel) [WIP]
  • gb.sound.isPlaying(channel) [WIP]

Notes & commands

  • gb.sound.playNote(pitch, duration, channel) [WIP]
  • gb.sound.command(command, X, Y, channel) [WIP]
  • gb.sound.changeInstrumentSet(instrumentSet, channel) [WIP]

Built-in sounds

  • gb.sound.playOK() [WIP]
  • gb.sound.playCancel() [WIP]
  • gb.sound.playTick() [WIP]